Stitch Fix Open Source

Open Source software is a huge part of our success. These projects are our small contribution back.

Stitch Fix Open Source

GitHub repo of Markdown files as a wiki Tools Adopt


We were having issues with using a real wiki, which I think is not uncommon: hard to navigate, changes were opaque and unclear, stale data, hard to search, etc. etc.

So, we adopted a different approach. We now keep all canonical developer documentation as a series of Markdown files in a repo on GitHub. This means that:

It's been a year since we created ours and it's been working. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than Confluence.

The main drawback is the inclusion of diagrams. We've been using a mixture of OmniGraffle (uploading the .graffle file) and Using Gliffy in Confluence is way better, but it's a tradeoff.