Stitch Fix Open Source

Open Source software is a huge part of our success. These projects are our small contribution back.

Stitch Fix Open Source

Weekly sync-ups with Business Partners Techniques Adopt

Roadmap Planning

As we have no formal product management (by design), each engineering team has a weekly meeting with their relevant business partners, who are the stakeholders for that part of the businsess. For example, the MOPS team meets with the VP of Warehouse Operations and their reports.

The format of the meeting differs by team, but generally, it's a time to review the status of ongoing work, adjust the priority of anything, and discuss any issues of the day. Teams typicaly employ a “Rolling Agenda” which is a shared Google Doc that anyone can edit. Anyone can place an item on the Agenda, and it is up to them to lead the discussion and collect next-steps, if any.

Typically, the first meeting of the month will be a deeper-dive into the team's roadmap and to generally set priorities for the month.